S​/​T Tape

by Burn Victim

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Recorded in Nates basement on Huxley June 20th 2013


released June 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Burn Victim Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: False Entitlement
Just because you find her attractive
Doesn't mean she'll appreciate
Being treated as a fucking object
You think you're entitled to fuck her
Just because you bought her a drink
Well fuck you, no one owes you anything.
Track Name: xXTuffGuyXx
Look at you trying to pick a fight,
Acting tough on a Friday night,
Oh, you’ve got something to prove?
Should I be fucking scared of you?
Seeking validation,
By being a fucking prick
Is that what it means to be man?
Hiding behind a façade of lies
You buried yourself way deep inside
You’re fucking scared of yourself”
Track Name: Existential Crisis
Life is shit
Waste away
Day by day
An existential crisis is fucking with my head
What’s the point of all this shit when soon we’ll all be dead
We waste all our time away
Blinded by apathy
And other fucking useless shit
There isn’t any point to it

Specs of dust on a fucking rock.
Track Name: I Can't Be Friends With You Because I'm Not An Elitist Prick
I don't care what you're trying to be
Your life choices mean shit to me
Get down from your moral high ground
Who are you o judge?